Brief Introduction about our Diagnostic Services

1. GI Physiology Lab
2. Radiology
3. Pathology

GI Physiology Lab

• Anorectal and oesophageal Manometry – RMH Australia
• pH Metry – Sandhill Scientific USA
• Bedfont Breath test – WBM Health Science Private Ltd.


Department of radiology is fully equipped with the latest equipments.
• C Arm – Siemens
• (Diagnox 500II) with IITV – Fluoroscopy – Medtronic’s
• Digital X ray CR system, X Ray Imaging and Printing – Fuji
• Potable & Mobile Bed Side X Ray – Allengers
• Ultra Sonography – Toshiba Nemio 30
• Ultra Sonography – Phillips HD 6
• Colour Doppler – Toshiba Nemio 30
• Colour Doppler – Phillips HD 6

Department of Pathology is well equipped to provide quality reports to patients and local community.
The lab has fully automated software controlled analyzer for clinical chemistry and immunoassays.
The lab is equipped with all latest pathology equipments,
• Mini Vidas
• Bio-system A 25
• Enlite Sodium Potassium electrolyte analyser
• Remi Centrifuge
• Mindray Cell Counter
• Olympus Microscope
• Transasia Analyser
• Incubator
• Digital Microscope
All the instruments are interfaced to prevent any manual error.
So, the laboratory provides quality reporting with minimal turnaround time to give utmost satisfaction to doctors, patients and all its customers.