Hospital Care


All investigations will be ordered by the doctor and carried out by the ward nurse. If any preparation is required before such procedures, the same will be indicated.

 Medical Treatment:

The consultant is responsible for the medical treatment which includes deciding the line of treatment, prescribing medication and ordering investigations. You will also be evaluated periodically by other medical staff.

 Nursing Care:

The nursing team in the ward will be responsible for the care. Once you are in the room, you may use the nurse call button at your bedside for any nursing attention. The nursing team is trained to address queries that you may have about any your treatment and stay.


The Department of Physiotherapy offers therapeutic exercises, stretches and other modalities in aiding pain relief such as joint mobilization and manipulations, breathing exercises and chest manipulations to improve quality of life and restore functional ability. The treatment for in-patients is decided by the physiotherapist based on the instructions given by the treating doctor.

 Other Important Information


  • The dietician will visit and discuss the diet plan.
  • Doctors and nurses will visit at different times of the day for the treatment and care.