Medical Technology

Brief introduction to Medical Technology we have adapted

To create an assured environment for world-class health care system for a pleasant experience in Gastrocare Hospital. The hospital has installed some of the most advanced equipment in preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic imaging.

State-of-the-art endoscopic facilities & endoscopic ultrasound. We have ultra thin endoscope for Paediatrics endoscopies.
• Olympus 160 series
• Fujinon 2200 Series
• Capsule Endoscopy – GIVEN IMAGING, Israel
• Spy Glass Cholangioscopy – Boston Scientific
• EUS – Pentax

GI Physiology Lab
• Manometry – Sandhill Scientific USA
• pH Metry – RMH Australia
• Breath Test Analyser – Bed font, WBM Health Science Private Limited

Liver Clinic
• Fibroscan – Echosens 502

Gastroenterological Surgery
• State-of-the-art gastro Surgery Modular Operation Theatre (O.T.) with High Defination Laparoscopic System – Stryker & Harmonic Scalpel with lygasure device – Olympus
• Most modern O.T. tables, O.T. lights, Anesthesia machine & other supportive system

Gastro Liver Critical Care
• State-of-the-art gastro liver intensive care units with the latest monitoring equipment & live support system
• Bed Side Dialysis (Nipro) facility

• C Arm – Siemens Medical System
• High-end Colour Doppler & Ultrasound system – Philips Medical System & Toshiba Medical System
• Medtronic’s– Fluoroscopy
• Digital X ray CR system Fuji – X Ray Imaging and Printing
• Potable & Mobile X Ray System – Allengers